Lead photographer Lauren Gray sitting on a clear acrylic chair, holding her camera, and smiling for the picture.

First and foremost, I am a wife and a mom. I have been with my husband for 6 years and married for 3 of those years. We have a beautiful boy, Fletcher, who is 1 year old & the absolutely light of our life! We also have two dogs, Winnie and Theo, who drive us crazy but at the end of the day give the best snuggles.

Since I was little, we had a camera that my dad was always taking pictures on, mostly of our family and nature. When I was in high school, I took my first film photography class and fell in love. Since 2016, I've been photographing friends and family. After I graduated college in 2021, I decided to go full-time with this little business of mine. While I started with families and senior, I moved onto to weddings and have since found myself falling back in love with where I started. The biggest inspiration for my photography stems from my own family and how we interact and spend our time together. My little family drives me to be the best version of myself whether that be a wife, a mom, and also a photographer.

About me page collage: Detail shot of Lauren Gray's hands holding her camera.
About me page collage: Black and white image of Lauren Gray holding camera and looking off into the distance.
About me page collage: A full body shot of Lauren Gray holding her cameras.
About me page collage: Detail shot of Lauren Gray's hands holding her digital and film cameras.
About me page collage: Lauren Gray sitting in a clear acrylic chair sideways playing with her hair and her legs up in the air.
About me page collage: Blurry image of Lauren Gray holding her camera.
About me page collage: Detail image of Lauren Gray and her 35mm film camera.
About me page collage: Lauren Gray, lead photographer, holding camera, playing with hair, and smiling at the camera.

A Photographer.

The past few years I found myself in the wedding industry, photographing such beautiful weddings! But working 100+ degree weddings while 6 months pregnant, or working 12 hour days, it was becoming too much and something needed to change. With this need for a shift, I decided to expand the work that I take on. I found myself falling in love again with sessions, whether that's senior pictures, proposals, engagements, families, and branding pictures. If you're looking for pretty posed images, like your stereotypical family pictures, or a simple 6 hour wedding coverage, I may not be your gal and that's okay! I truly believe that there is a photographer for everyone. But if you crave those intimate moments, looking for something not so stereotypical and open to a little creative flare, we may be a perfect fit.

A black & white image of Lauren Gray sitting on the floor holding her camera.
A blurry picture of a couple holding hands and the dad holding their son.

I'm a lover.

I love love.

I love being a wife and a mom.

I love to travel.

I love the mundane moments of life.

I love coffee dates, though I find myself drinking chai.

I loving watching the sun rise and set.

I love decorating my home.

I love people, young and old.

I love indie-folk music.

I love thrifting.

I love Dr. Pepper.

I love autumn, October to be exact.

I love rom-coms.

I love going on walks.

& I love life.